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Latest Customer Review for Driving Lessons

  • I passed my driving test in Preston with chris richards adi and I found the driving lessons amazing. Every lesson was tailored to my needs and I found the approach to be just what I needed. I was given the knowledge I needed in a fun way and I will miss my lessons.

    Sofie Driving Lessons In Preston
  • I had my driving lessons in Preston. I found them to be enjoyable and I learned a lot faster then most of my friends. I would recommend Chris and his driving school. They helped me pass my test first time!.

    Becky customer review Driving lessons in Preston

Latest Customer Review for Intensive Courses

  • I passed my driving test within a week. The pressure was on as I was moving to Dubi to live so I needed to make sure I had the best chance of passing. My course was fantastic and I'm glad I chose Chris. His course gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to pass my driving test First time and in a week. Thanks Chris

    ross 2015 INtensive Driving Course - Preston
  • I highly recommend Chris Richards Driving school. He was fantastic and I learned a lot in a short space of time. He is relaxed and patient when he needs to be but also pushed me to be the best drive I could be. The guys at the office answered my enquiry quickly and even phoned me up to see how my first lesson went. It was great and I highly recommend them.

    Sam Driving Courses

Latest Customer Reviews for Driving Instructor Training

  • I went with Chris for all my instructor training. He got me through all parts of the instructor tests and I now work for him. I could not recommend him enough.

    Helen Driving Instructor Training
  • I trained with Steve and Chris for my part 3 test. I was amazed at how much more I understood what they said and why it should be done that way. My last instructor trainer was not as good, but thankfully I found theses guys and they helped me to pass my part 3 test.

    Afsana Driving instructor training

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