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Driving lessons and the Drive iQ PRO course

What is Drive iQ PRO?

Drive iQ PRO is THE way to learn to drive. This revolutionary course merges conventional driving tuition with the world’s best software and vital post-test elements. On completion of Drive iQ PRO you also have the option to receive an EdExcel accredited BTEC (level 2) in Driving Science* to add to your CV and additional benefits including insurance. To enrol, simply book lessons with us. As Drive iQ PRO accredited coaches we will automatically start teaching you the course. Please contact us directly for information and lesson prices, and we will be happy to help you.

How is Drive iQ PRO different to normal driving lessons?

Drive iQ PRO concentrates on what really causes crashes. It is a unit based, self-paced system which focuses on behaviour and attitude, not just the basic skills used to pass a practical test. The final unit is taken post-test and includes motorway and night driving which unlocks the PRO benefits on completion. In addition, you also have unique access to the finest driving software to help you study and test yourself in preparation for your theory test.

What is a Drive iQ PRO Coach?

Drive iQ PRO coaches are forward thinking individuals who are raising professional and educational standards for young drivers. Our commitment focuses on YOU and how you learn as an individual. combined with your thoughts and beliefs as a new driver. Our aim is to not only get you to test standard but give you the best preparation for life on the road.

What are the benefits?

  • 15% off insurance with Adrian Flux
  • BTEC qualification (see below)
  • Motorway and night driving (post-test)
  • 50% off StreetCar membership (19+)
  • Theory + Hazard Perception test prep
  • See for latest benefits!

What happens next?

Simply book lessons! If you’re just starting out or have only had a few lessons then we will enrol you automatically. When we do, you’ll receive an email with log-in details so you can access all the free theory and hazard perception training, mock tests and online assessments.

BTEC qualification

Drive iQ PRO is the brand-name of the a2om BTEC in Driving Science, which is accredited by EdExcel as a BTEC level 2 qualification. On completion of the fifth unit, students have the option to obtain the official EdExcel certificate by paying a £50 certification fee. Students are not required to obtain the qualification in order to take advantage of the benefits, including insurance. Each student will be automatically issued with a Drive iQ PRO completion certificate once you’ve signed off unit five.

Cost of the Drive iQ PRO Course…

The course requires you to complete online modules, discussions and formal assessments while you complete your post test driving lessons. Although the formal assessment take time in your lessons these are on subject that you would normally be assessed and trained on anyway. They are also great at preparing you for your practical driving test as you get used to having your driving assessed. So far in my experience you actually pass quicker and are more likely to pass first time while studying the Drive iQ PRO course, this is also to do with our new Learner Centred approaches to driver education. So the cost of your driving lessons are still the same. As we enrol you onto the course for FREE. You will also get FREE access to theory training, hazard perception training and Theory Mock tests.

As part of the course, you have to cover a post test module. To do this we require you to complete module 5 online and also in car. This in-car module takes 5 hours to complete with Chris Richards ADI and cost £140

What if i have already passed my Test?

If you have already passed your test then we can offer you the BTEC Level 2 award: Demonstrating safe driving. Contact us for more details

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