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6 Hour Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus Courses with Chris Richards ADI…

The Pass Plus course is designed to Save money** allow the young driver to gain
better skills for life in a Professional environment. You will be taught at a more advanced level
after having recently passed you driving test. What more could you want?!Pass plus is a short course (normally only 6 hours) including the first opportunity to be taught on a MOTORWAY!

Every pupil who has completed one of my Pass Plus course has Highly Recommended it and always comments on how they are glad they have done it. Not just because of the savings**; on their insurance but also because of the more advanced and safer driving techniques they have learned. Also they always enjoy the motorway bit most and their parents are happier knowing they have learned how to drive safely on the motorway.

On completion of the Pass Plus course the pupil is issued with a certificate from the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) which can then be used to qualify for a discount on their car insurance premium with their chosen participating insurer**;
(**Subject to status. Candidates are advised to check available discounts with participating insurance companies prior to starting the course.)

As I also highly recommend the Pass Plus course and in my opinion helps to keep people safe on the road, you will receive a voucher for £20 off our Pass Plus Course when you pass your test with Chris Richards ADI and if you pass your ‘Guaranteed Pass Course’ first time you will get our pass plus course for free!

More about Pass Plus courses …

Pass Plus is a training scheme for new driver. It aims to improve your driving skills and make you a safer driver. The scheme has been designed by the Driving Standards Agency , with help of the motor insurances and driving instruction industries, to develop skills and knowledge in areas where you may have limited experience.

ORC International recently carried out a survey for the DSA which showed that 93% of people who had taken the pass plus courses felt more confident on the road and 89% considered that their driving skills had improved as a result of taking the course.

Pass plus courses were developed because young inexperienced drivers hold only 10% of licenses but are involved in 20% of road accidents where someone is injured.

A Case study taken from the ‘Pass Plus leaflet by DSA’ …

‘When student Israr Sabir passed his test he was astonished at the cost of insurance quotes. Within two months he had completed a Pass Plus course.Israr’s brother-in-law, a policeman, recommended Pass Plus to him. He’d been ringing up companies to get a one litre Micra insured and the quotes ranged from £1500 to £1800 fully comprehensive. Israr was keen to get full cover because he knew that newly qualified drivers often have accidents in the first year of driving. After successfully completing Pass Plus, he managed to insure the car for just under £1000, making a huge saving.’

There are Six modules in the Pass Plus Course as Follows:
• Into & familiarisation to car controls. • Driving licence and eyesight check. • Aims of course • Positive Driver Attitude • Positive Driving Skills

• Observation, Judgment and awareness • Consideration for vulnerable road users • Spatial awareness & Clearance to others • Typical features of urban roads

• Vision – See and be seen • Skidding and avoidance • Speed and stopping distancesOUT OF TOWN DRIVING AND RURAL ROADS
• Rural Hazards • Overtaking and progress • Observation skills

• Joining / Leaving • Forward Planning and observation • Overtaking • Breakdowns and safety procedure

• Vehicle lighting and use • Speed and stopping distances • Visibility – Seeing and reacting safely • Parking

• Joining, Turning and leaving • Forward planning and observation • Overtaking


Insurance Companies offer a discount for Pass Plus :

  • AA Insurance
  • Adrian Flux Insurance Services
  • RAC Direct Insurance
  • Churchill Insurance
  • CIS
  • Direct Line
  • Endsleigh
  • Norwich Union
  • Privilege
  • Provident Insurance
  • Royal and SunAlliance
  • Tesco Motor Insurers
  • Swinton Car insurance
  • QUINN Direct Insurance Ltd
  • Young Marmalade
  • Zurich

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