Intensive Driving Courses in Blackburn. Learn and pass in Blackburn in weeks!

Intensive Driving Courses in Blackburn – Pass you’re test in 1 to 6 weeks

Your Intensive Driving Course will be designed around your needs to help you pass fast and first time. Driving courses can range from one to six weeks and include theory tests and practical driving tests if required.

Intensive driving courses in Blackburn

If your looking for an Intensive driving course you normally have a deadline of when you need to pass your driving test by. You need a driving instructor who you can trust. 
Our instructors know the Blackburn and darwin roads so you will have full knowledge of the test areas.
All our driving courses can be tailored to you individual needs. We will change our courses to suit your needs.
Book your driving assessment NOW. You can contact us or book on-line Book On-Line

We have lots of driving courses to offer you… But remember we can tailor them to your needs

Don’t risk having poor driving tuition when it matters. With Chris Richards Driving School you will maximise your chance of passing your driving test fast and in style. Our driving instructors are highly trained and we make sure we do everything we can to help you.

Our Intensive driving courses (sometimes referred to as Crash Courses or Quick Pass Courses) are fantastic ways to learn to drive in a shorter time. As you are having more lessons per week then normal single lessons you can recall and develop your skills faster, hence saving you money and time!
The courses will normally take 1-6 weeks depending on how many hours you can fit in per week and you circumstances. If you have your theory then the shorter course times are available. If you don’t then you can still pass quickly but extra time is sometimes needed to allow you to study for your theory. Or book a course and pass your theory before your intensive course begins!

We can also book your Practical Driving test for you as part of your course but this will incur the normal DSA Test fee (currently £62 for a weekday test). Our tuition is on a ratio of one-to-one so you will always have the instructors full concentration as you cant learn to drive with out actually driving!!(100% of your time is spent learning and driving not watching someone else for half the time!).

Not sure how many hours or which course? then have an Assessment lesson £40 for 2 hours

Types of Intensive courses…

We provide all types of intensive courses including the most popular ones below:

Test Rescue Course

This course is 10 to 12 hours in duration and can be completed in 2 days and is designed for people who have failed a test with different driving school recently.

Experienced Driving Course

This course is 18 to 22 hours in duration and can be completed in 3 days in one week or split over 2 to 3 weeks.

Intermediate Driving Course

This course is usually 26-32 hours in duration depending on your driving ability / experience. It can be completed in 1 to 3 weeks.

Beginners Driving Course

If you haven’t driven a car before or you have only just managed to move  a car forward then this beginner course is the one for you. It is 36-42 hours in duration and although it can be done in one week its best over 10 days to 4 weeks.

Guaranteed Pass Courses

We have 3 guarantee pass courses with different levels of cover form unlimited lessons and unlimited free driving tests to just 2 tests fees included. A guarantee for every budget.

Residential Driving Course

We use hotels and B&B’s in Preston, Southport and Blackpool if you require accommodation while you have your course. Most commonly we get learner drivers from London having a week or two weeks break with us and learn to drive at the same time.

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  • I trained with Steve and Chris for my part 3 test. I was amazed at how much more I understood what they said and why it should be done that way. My last instructor trainer was not as good, but thankfully I found theses guys and they helped me to pass my part 3 test.

  • I passed my driving test in Preston with chris richards adi and I found the driving lessons amazing. Every lesson was tailored to my needs and I found the approach to be just what I needed. I was given the knowledge I needed in a fun way and I will miss my lessons.

  • I had my driving lessons in Preston. I found them to be enjoyable and I learned a lot faster then most of my friends. I would recommend Chris and his driving school. They helped me pass my test first time!.