refund process

Refund Process

We DONT normally offer refunds for unused hours. If you want any remaining hours refunded,  YOU MUST get your driving instructor to agree with it in writing before you pay / start your driving lessons(s) or course.

YOU MUST be fully up-to-date with any payments and have no previously cancelled lessons to be considered for a refund.

When we do work our a refund we use the following widely accepted processes:

If you pay per hour for driving lessons:

If you pay per hour then you will be entitled to the amount you have paid for that lesson minus our admin fee of £25.

e.g. if you have paid £50 for the lessons you will be given £50-£25 = £25 refund

If you have paid upfront for driving lesson(s), a driving course or have paid through a special offer or discounted rate:

We will work out any refunds due by using our hourly rate for any lessons taken minus our admin fee. You will also lose and booking fees and or deposits you have paid before the course. You may also lose any DVSA test fee if we have booked this and its to late to change or cancel it in line with the DVSA’s policy.

e.g. if you pay for 10 hours of tuition and only use 6 hours,  we will work out any refund due by multiplying the current hourly rate by 6 (amount used) adding the admin fee (£25) and then taking it away from the amount you paid to then have the remaining balance refunded.

This example above would mean you would have 6 hours charged at £168 add £25 = £193. You will then have 193 subtracted from the amount you paid (£230 in this example) which will then give you the amount due as a refund £37 in this example.

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