Terms and conditions of our satisfaction guarantee

For your peace of mind. Very few driving instructors offer this! We offer this as a Professional Driving Instructors. As we tailor your tuition to your individual needs you will always keep learning with us!

What is your ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’?…

… Our guarantee is simple. We offer a professional service as such we are so confident in our teaching methods that we Guarantee you will learn something new and improve in every hour you have with us (we wont waste your money!).

How does your ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’ work?…

… Our guarantee works on trust! You trust us to provide you with the best tailored tuition and if at the end of the lesson you haven’t learned anything new or you feel your lesson was not worth paying for then we will not charge you for that hour… Simple.

What are the terms and conditions for the ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’?…

… As with all tuition under taken, their are general terms and conditions(click here for General T&C’s). Also their are additional terms and conditions for the ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’ (to cover us from the unfortunate few that ‘will try it on’!) these are :

• You must inform the driving instructor at the end of the lesson your reason for not paying. Once you have paid and left the car, retrospective complaints will not be accepted.
• If you are block-booking or paying for a driving course, your ‘satisfaction guarantee’ is per hour. You only receive a refund for that hour you are not satisfied with, not the whole course.
• We reserve the right to discontinue your lessons if we do not agree with the reasons for not paying and you will be informed to find a new instructor.
• The Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover the Practical Test day as before your test we will not be teaching you anything new! We will just be preparing you and calming you down for your test!
• The Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover our assessment lessons as part of the lessons will be ‘assessing’ your needs so its possible if you are of a very high standard not learn much at the beginning of your assessment, the assessment is to allow us to asses your needs and tailor out tuition to you. Not all of the assessment lesson will be just assessment the idea is that after an initial assessment remedial training and advice will be imparted.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call the office on:

01772 393 003